University of Bath

Digital and Computational Methods for Public Policy Research - Master of Public Policy, 2019-2023.

Digital Public Policy - Professional Doctorate in Policy Research and Practice, 2018-2023.

Quantitative Research Methods - PoLIS undergraduate, 2020-23.

Scopes and methods of politics and international relations - PoLIS MA, 2020-2023.

Econometrics - MSc Economics and Finance, 2023.

Research Design & Methods in Politics - PoLIS undergraduate, 2021-2023.

International Comparative Politics - PoLIS undergraduate, 2020-2023.

AI as social and political practice: technology, society & politics - Guest Lecturer, 2020-2023.

Introduction to Programming and Data Science in R - Workshop, 2018.

Introduction to Machine Learning for Social Science Research - Workshop, 2019.    

University of Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis

Introduction to Quantiative Text Analysis (in R) 2020-2023.

University of Exeter

    Introduction to Programming and Data Analysis in R - Business School, Summer 2018

    Introduction to Web Scraping in Python - Institute for Coding, Summer 2018

    Introduction to Machine Learning - Institute for Coding, Summer 2018

    Collecting and Analyzing Social Media Data - Q-Step Workshop - Spring 2017

    Designing Surveys and Survey Experiments in Qualtrics - Q-Step Workshop, Spring 2017

    Introduction to Programming in Python - Q-Step Workshop, Winter 2016    

    Data Analysis in R - Q-Step Workshop, Winter 2016      

    Data Analysis for Social Science II - Q-Step Lab, Winter 2016

    Political Psychology - Q-Step Lab, Winter 2016

    Money and policymaking in the United States - Q-Step Lab, Winter 2016   

    Data Analysis for Social Science I - Q-Step Lab, Fall 2015   

    Economics of Politics - Q-Step Lab, Fall 2015

    Introduction to Programming in R - Q-Step Workshop, Fall 2015



    Applied Regression Analysis - Computer class, Fall 2014

    Fundamentals of Social Science Research Design - Seminar, Fall 2014

    Workshop in Advanced Quantitative Analysis: Introduction to Text Analysis in Python - Workshop, Fall 2014


    Comparative Politics (advanced democracies) - TA, Spring 2012, 2014; Fall 2012 - Prof. Michael Laver

    Natural Language Processing in Python using NLTK - Workshop, April 2013, NYU Politics Data Center

    Comparative Politics (new democracies) - TA, Spring 2011; Fall 2013 - Prof. Joshua Tucker

    Quantitative Methods in Political Science - TA, Fall 2010 - Prof. Matthew Stevens

    Power and Politics in America - TA, Spring 2013 - Prof. Jonathan Nagler