ExpoNET Project

Candidate dynamic social media affiliations among UK politicians, with Iain S. Weaver, Hywel Williams, Susan Banducci, Matthew Williams, Travis Coan. Forthcoming, Social Networks, Volume 54, July 2018,

Different news for different views: Political news-sharing communities on social media through the UK general election in 2015, with Matthew J. Williams and Hywel T.P. Williams in Proc. 1st International Workshop on News and Public Opinion, ICWSM 2016, AAAI. [download]

Media in Context

Intermedia Agenda Setting in Personalized Campaigns: How News Media Influence the Importance of Leaders, with Susan Banducci, Travis Coan, Gabriel Katz and Dan Stevens. Electoral Studies, April 2018,

Content Analysis of Media Coverage of the 2015 British General Election. [data collection] with Banducci, S.A., Coan, T., Katz, G., Kolpinskaya, E., Stevens, D. (2017), UK Data Service. SN: 8176,